About Natalie Nera

  • Natalie Nera is a pen name of Natalie Dunn.  She is a Czech writer, an author of two published novels as well as an editor of a poetry anthology in her mother tongue, who spent fifteen years in the UK with her British husband and children but has recently relocated to Prague. She writes in Czech, English and occasionally translates. Her written work has appeared in Czech, Russian, German, English, Bangladeshi, Spanish and Romanian. Her work was published for example in Mslexia, Eunoia Review, The Selkie, Litero Mania and Tvar.
  • 2020 International Proverse Poetry Prize, Highly Commended for Windopane
  • 2020 Dialog na cestě – Virtual Poetry Festival , at about min. 48
  • 2020 Fragmented Voices publishes their first book, The Language of Salt
  • 2020 poems translated and published in Bangladeshi and Spanish (for Libero America magazine in Peru)
  • 2020 The Selkie publishes The Journey
  • 2020 interview for the prestigious literary bi-weekly Tvar
  • 2020 Prazska Obce Spisovatelu, Dialog na ceste, The Five-Language Poetic Marathon
  • 2019 Performing at the Prague Poetry Festival upon invitation from the Prazska Obce Spisovatelu, Dialog na ceste
  • 2019 Eunoia Review publishes Ice Cream and Apostles
  • 2019 launches Fragmented Voices with Natalie Crick as a small, international press and magazine, joined by Rue Collinge in 2020
  • 2019 Writer in Residence, Hatton Gallery
  • 2018 – 2019 Olomouc, a translation of an original Czech poetry collection into English, to be published by Laguna, Prague
  • 2018 – 2019 Co-editor and founder of literary blog Bridges, with Natalie Crick, https://blogs.ncl.ac.uk/bridges/
  • 2018 poems published by prestigious literary magazine in Romania, LiteroMania and LiteroMania2, in translation by Mircea Dan Duta
  • 2018  Bridges, an Anthology, showcasing talent of students at MA in Creative Writing and Writing Poetry at Newcastle University; editor, co-ordinator; the project involved collaboration with two fine arts students as illustrators
  • 2017 Seven věků ženy, an anthology of twenty-one prominent Czech female poets, focused on the topic of domestic violence (2017: Petrklíč, Prague)
  • 2016 – 2018 Edit & Doodle, founder and co-ordinator of a collaborative arts project that culminated in an exhibition in The Forge Gallery, Allendale, in March 2018 under the name Woven Stories
  • 2016 Traces in the Sand, a charity poetry pamphlet in aid of the people in Aleppo, Syria, in collaboration with the  local artist Victoria Holt, all earnings were paid to the Refugee Aid Network
  • 2013 Smrt s vyhlídkou, novel (2013: Petrklíč, Prague)
  • 2011 Úspěšná smrt Davida Dostála, novel ((2011: Petrklíč, Prague)

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